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Your Best Pest Control Experience

Hi, I’m Richard Drews and I own Drews Pest Control. I’ve worked in the pest control industry for 15 years. I’m an Associated Certified Entomologist (A.C.E.). Positions I have held include Residential Pest Technician, Agricultural (AG) Technician, Pest and AG Trainer and Quality Assurance Supervisor. I’m also a retired Air Force Master Sergeant.  My goal is to provide you with “YOUR BEST PEST CONTROL EXPERIENCE” at the most competitive price, while following the A.C.E. Code of Conduct and my own sense of fairness.

Residential ​Service

Not all bugs are bad and not all pest control companies are good.  My goal is to give you Your Best Pest Control Experience.   While there isn't a pesticide available that only kills the BAD BUGS  you can mitigate the damage to the GOOD BUGS  by properly mixing and applying the best material for each service.  But it takes knowledge, skill and the willingness to spend the extra time and effort to make that happen.  As an Associate Certified Entomologist with 14 years experience and a history of excellent customer service I make it happen every day.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization and broadleaf weed control.  This alternate monthly service can be a stand alone service or it can be added to you pest control service.  Service includes weed control in the joints of the walkways and a selective herbicide for broadleaf weeds like clover and dandelions to keep you yard looking it's best. I apply a seasonally appropriate fertilizer every other month.  This includes crabgrass prevention in the spring.  

Weed Control

Most of us don't notice the weeds until the yard is overgrown with them.  But as they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Properly timed applications of pre-emergent weed control and regular post emergent treatment of the weeds that pop up can keep your yard clean and nearly weed free all year.  Weed control can be a single clean-up, a stand alone service or added to you pest and/or lawn care service.  Contact me to find out which type of service is best for your situation.

Pest Exclusion

Many pest issues can be resolved by exclusion.  If you have rats in your attic or mice in your garage, trapping them is only part of the solution.  You must keep new pests from moving in once they're gone.  Turkistan roaches, crickets and many other pests can also be controlled with exclusion.