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The picture on the left is a lawn with Kyllinga sedge grass.   Although the lawn looks dead, it's actually dormant.  It browns out when it gets cold in the late fall or winter and won't green up until it warms up around April.  Bermuda and Dallisgrass also turn brown in the cold.  

The other pictures are the same lawn an hour later, after I applied a turf colorant.  In April when it starts to grow again the colorant will bemowed off.  This can be used to touch up a tired lawn for a party or to add curb appeal.  It's inexpensive,  dries fast and  can last up to 2 months.

What our customers are saying

Dear Richard:

Thank you for opening your own pest control company!

Nearly ten years ago, we met at my parents' home, where you provided such excellent pest control service , my late husband and I requested you service our home.  Two homes, double the pests - spiders, ants, fleas, mice, rats and other strange critters - all created unique challenges.  You solved them all and others!

Along the way, you showed your knowledge of plants, when to treat for optimal results, whether pests or nutritional benefits.  So, not only are our homes free from invaders, but the plants look lush and healthy too.

As we became better acquainted, your sincerity won our trust to provide gate keys. No longer did we need to be present to provide you access to our property.  Over the years you always:

  • Quickly return our urgent calls regarding unexpected critters.
  • Listen carefully to our concerns.
  • Use exceptional powers of observation to identify intruders.
  • Draw on your wealth of knowledge to their behaviors and what it took to eliminate them.
  • Explain what you are going to do as a treatment.
  • Provide follow-up visits, until everyone is the issue is resolved. Those critters are gone!   
While we understood why you were promoted into management at your last company, we missed you.  Your sense of integrity and customer service was coming through representatives, who you trained and then then serviced your former accounts, but we missed your good-natured attitude and attention to every detail.  

Now you're back! With your own company, everyone who uses Drews Pest Control will be assured of no more pests, as well as become acquainted with your personable and professional approach toward getting the job done.  Any and all pests will be eliminated and accomplished by the best - Richard Drews.

Thank you for the peace of mind offered through your company, Drews Pest Control.

All the best, 

Claire Chiu


I contacted several pest control companies including Richards, the other companies would not come out without agreeing to a one year contract. Richard came out to see what the I was dealing with. He was honest to tell me I did not need to tie myself to a contract. He explained how to remove their food source and make the traps more desirable. It took a couple of weeks to see results, I seen the bait being consumed and I restock, checking once a week. I have removed some of the victims and not see any use of the bait for more than a week, but I will continue to use the boxes.

I feel Richard will be honest to provide you with the best needs you have and place this above the cost to just make money.

Thank you Richard for listening to my needs and then showing my how I could take care of the problem, it appears to be working.

Donald Ellison

Comments: Richard explained everything thoroughly, was honest about what needed to be done, and considered things important to me, the safety of my pets and impact on bees, in his treatment

Review by Jodi B. in Citrus Heights, CA

Comments: Treated my yard the same day I called actually was here in about an hour . Very knowledgeable, kind and professional with amazing rates. Usually my husband wants a minimum of three estimates but was so happy with the price and service of Drews pest control we went with our first estimate. We definitely recommend Drews pest control

Review by Lisa M. in Citrus Heights, CA

                                                                                   Drews Pest Control

Pest Control

Truck mounted power sprayer to provide a superior application to control ants, spiders and other unwanted pests on the exterior of your home or office.  I've been training technicians to identify potential issues for years and I look forward to using my knowledge to effectively provide you with Your Best Pest Control Experience at a reasonable and fair price.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Do you have a green lawn with no weeds, why not?  I will fertilize every other month using the correct seasonal fertilizer. A pre-emergent for crabgrass control in the spring and a selective herbicide to treat the clover, dandelions and other broad-leaf weeds year round. Soon your neighbors will be asking for the "secret" to your lush lawn. 

Lawn Care

Weed Control

Do you have a side or back yard that is overgrown with unwanted weeds? I can keep the weeds under control year round, with the use of pre and post emergent materials. For most common applications, I can offer Glyphosate free options.  Whether it's flower beds or a bare yard, let me show you how you can get those weeds under control.

Lawn Care

Aphid Control

Aphids can wreck havoc on roses and ornamental trees. The aphids suck the sap out of the plants and excrete a sugary substance called honeydew. This is a favorite food for ants, wasps and yellow jackets. Aphids are also a vector for viruses that can damage your plants. An annual systemic soil injection will help protect your plants and make your yard look it's best all year. 

Please note: Pest service, weed control, lawn care and aphid control can be stand alone services, or they can be combined 


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